Six case studies from local community groups, some new groups and others well established have been included. Through the case studies the groups share their experiences – what it was like to set up a group, what were the challenges and successes, what they have learnt and what advice they would give to groups starting out on the same route.

case study - group

The beginning of Ballybeen Men’s Club

Andy talks us through the highs and lows of setting up a community group and how they got to where they are today.

LCC Community Trust – Money Matters

Listen to Brian’s story on how the LCC Community Trust has secured funding and managed finances to support its work.

The Evolution of Maghaberry Community Centre

Helen Reddick talks us through the growing community association in Maghaberry and how the growth through volunteer work has given them the confidence to lobby for bigger and better premises as the years have passed.

Success made possible by Self-Education

Aaron highlights the importance of educating the volunteers in the paperwork involved in order to make a community group successful.

Ballybeen Women’s Centre has evolved through Communication and Engagment

Amanda Marshall discusses their methods of engaging with the community and how this has helped them sustain and grow over 32 years.

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