Managing employees

Managing employees
Even though the Management Committee is the employer, members of the management committee would not normally be the line manager for employees. The committee does need to make sure though that the employee:

  • has a line manager assigned to them
  • they carry out their role and the tasks assigned to them.

An important part of managing employees is to ensure that they follow the agreed policies and procedures of the organisation.

Here’s a list of tips to consider when managing employees.

When the new employee first joins
You should:

  • Give them a contract of employment. The contract of employment should contain details on the pension arrangements.
    Due to new pensions regulations all employers will be required to automatically enroll certain employees into a “qualifying” pension scheme. This obligation commenced in October 2012, however, it is being phased in over a number of years depending upon the size of the employer’s PAYE scheme. Full guidance, including dates when the auto enrolment obligation will apply for employers, is available on the Pensions Regulator website.
  • Outline the organisation’s values and goals and how they will help towards achieving these goals.
  • Introduce them to other staff, volunteers and the management committee.
  • Show them around the premises.
  • Let them know who their line manager is and other people they can go to if they have any questions or problems.
  • Show them where they will be sitting and where they can find any equipment they need.
  • Let them know about breaks.
  • Explain how to claim expenses and what can be claimed for and what can’t be claimed for. Employees should be able to claim reasonable expenses as long as there are receipts to show where and when the money was spent and for how much.
  • Explain your organisation’s policy on employees using telephones or accessing the internet for their own use.
  • Ask them to shadow other experienced members of staff.
  • Give them a copy of the staff handbook that contains the policies and procedures.
  • Spend time with the new employee to make sure that they understand the policies and procedures and how they relate to what the organisation does every day.
  • Organise regular meetings between the staff member and their line manager. This will help the volunteer and the person supervising them to talk about what the volunteer is doing, what’s going well, what’s not going well and why and any training that might be needed.
  • Agree with the volunteer when these meetings are going to happen, how often, where and for how long.
  • Use the meetings to show your appreciation of the work your volunteer is doing.
  • Provide ongoing training to support the work they are doing, and for their own personal development where possible.
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