Recruiting new membersRecruiting new members

Existing committee members should recruit new committee members. New members should be recruited in a very open way and whoever is involved in recruiting new members must always act in the best interests of your group.

You must make sure you know what your governing document says about the committee and follow it, such as:

  • The minimum or maximum number of committee members.
  • How long a member can stay on the committee.
  • How new committee members join the committee, for example election, appointment or being asked by other members to join (called being co-opted).
Here’s some tips to consider when recruiting new committee members:

  • Identify the skills you need in your committee and look for new members that have these skills e.g. do you need someone with a finance background to help you to prepare your accounts?
  • Create a description of what a committee member does in your group.
  • Agree on how new members can apply – either by CV or by writing a letter.
  • Create an advert based on the description of what a committee member does and send it out using social media, newsletters or local press.
  • Organise a group of committee members who will meet with the people who are interested in joining the committee (the ‘panel’). The panel will decide if they are the right people for the committee and that the new committee members know what is involved.
  • After you have recruited a new committee member, ensure that induction and any necessary training is carried out so that new members can contribute to the group as soon as possible.
  • Review the skills and experience of committee members during the year and ensure training is carried out if they need it.