Completing a Risk AssessmentCompleting a Risk Assessment

It’s important to identify if there are risks in your premises that need to be dealt with to help protect your staff, volunteers and your organisation. The best way to do this is to carry out a risk assessment.

A risk assessment is a detailed examination of what can cause harm to people in your premises, so that you can decide whether you have taken enough precautions or if you should do more to prevent harm.

The law does not expect you to get rid of all risk, but you are required by law to protect people as far as reasonably practicable.

You need to record what you find from the risk assessment and write down how you are going to deal with the risk. This document is called a risk register. The risk register should be updated over time and discussed during your monthly management meetings.

The following table is a guide on the types of things you need to include in your risk assessment and how to record the risks in a risk register.

Hazard What could happen? Who could be hurt? Action taken to minimise risk
Broken step at the front door. Someone could trip and fall. Volunteers, staff and members of the public. Obtain quotes to fix the step.

Put up hazard sign and notify people to be cautious.

Undertake repairs within 7 days.

Loose desk table leg. Desk could fall and hurt someone. Volunteers and staff. Decommission desk until it is fixed.

Obtain quotes to fix.

Fix within 7 days.

Broken window in toilet. People could access building when no one is there. Members of the public. Block window up with a wooden screen.

Obtain quotes for replacement window.

Replace window within 7 days.

Click here to download a risk register template. Why not use it and carry out your own risk assessment. Fill in the risk register template with the things you find in your risk assessment and the actions you are going to take to minimise the risk and protect people from harm.
Click here to find out more about how to complete a risk assessment from the HSE.