Costs and responsibilitiesIdentify the need

As your funding is only secured for a set period, you should not sign up to a lease beyond the period of your funding.

If you are leasing a property, the landlord will be responsible for:

  • insuring the building
  • making any structural repairs.

The landlord may also apply a service charge if you are renting within an existing building or complex.

Your group will be responsible for:Costs associated with premises

  • rent (including increases in rent after a rent review)
  • rates
  • service charges
  • maintenance
  • heat
  • light
  • contents insurance (also buildings insurance if you are buying a property) and
  • health and safety costs
  • telephone, internet and office costs.
Click here to download an Income and Expenditure template to write down all your expected expenses and where the income will come from to keep your group running.