Health and Safety Regulations and ResponsibilitiesHealth and Safety Regulations and Responsibilities

The Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 is the main piece of legislation that covers work-related health and safety in Northern Ireland.

Here are some of the main health and safety activities that should be undertaken for premises. Some are your responsibility as the tenant, and some are the responsibility of your landlord.



Landlord ResponsibilitiesHealth and Safety

  • Carry out an annual electrical appliance test (PAT).
  • Organise an annual fire risk assessment which should be undertaken by an independent contractor – you will have to pay for this service.
  • Test fire alarms and sensors every year to ensure they are all working correctly and maintained appropriately.
  • Inspect the emergency lighting every year to ensure all emergency lighting is working and maintained appropriately.


Your Responsibilities

  • Pay for the annual fire risk assessment.
  • Train first aiders every year. You will need a designated first aider who has completed the appropriate and accredited training.
  • Check First Aid equipment regularly and ensure all first aid equipment is up to date and complete.
  • Display the First Aid arrangements – who to contact and where.
  • Write and display the fire evacuation procedures.
  • Carry out fire evacuation drills every 3 months. This is to ensure that all staff know the fire evacuation procedures. This should be tested at different times of the day with and without notice.
  • Carry out an emergency evacuation plan every 6 months.
  • Pay for public liability insurance and display the annual public liability insurance certificate.
  • Display the Health and Safety Law in Northern Ireland Poster (available from the Health and Safety Executive website).