Set up your Management Committee/BoardSet up your Management Committee

Every community organisation has a group of volunteers that manages its affairs. This is normally called the Management Committee. If you are a Trust this will be known as the Board of Trustees. The Management Committee/Board of Trustees is responsible and accountable for the group.

The role of the Management Committee/Board is to:

  • Ensure the group does what it was set up to do and is well run.
  • Uphold the values and ethos of the group.
  • Make sure the group has enough money and does not get into debt.

Your group will also have special members on the Committee called officers. Most groups will have a:


The Chairperson of the committee is the person who ensures that the committee operates effectively and carries everything it needs to do legally.

The Chairperson chairs the meetings, plans the work of the committee over the year, supports new and existing committee members and thinks about any new committee members that are needed.

The Chairperson’s role takes more time, involving work between meetings and possibly line managing the key staff member. This is a significant leadership role that requires a number of skills including diplomacy, the ability to think and plan ahead and the ability to create really good relationships with the other members of the committee and the community.

Download a role description for a Chairperson.

Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chair helps and supports the committee Chairperson. They take the place of the Chairperson if the Chair is not available and will often take the lead on any sub-committees or smaller working groups that are needed to deliver the services of the group.

Download a role description for a Chairperson as a reference.


The Treasurer provides support with all financial matters. It’s important to remember though that the overall financial responsibility sits with the Management Committee as a whole, not just with the Treasurer.

Click here to download a role description for a Treasurer.


The Secretary is responsible for ensuring the effective administration of the committee’s work and activities. They may or may not take the minutes of meetings, but they will ensure that all legal and charity processes are followed.

Click here to download a role description for a Secretary.