Set up your steering groupSet up your steering group

Setting up a steering group is the first ‘informal’ stage of your group. The steering group is made up of a set of volunteers who often volunteer during the public meeting. These volunteers should be willing to put in the time and effort to agree the overall aim of the group, the services your group will provide and the values of the group which should have an effect on everything that happens in the group.

Your steering group needs to work on a number of different things at this very early stage. Some of the key activities are:

  • Writing down what you want to do and by when – the action plan.
  • Working out how much money is needed to get the group up and going and the money that is needed to run the group.
  • Meeting with other groups to learn how they manage their group and get the funding they need.
  • Meeting with funding organisations who can potentially provide you with the money you need to run your group.
  • Helping to decide what is the best legal structure for your group based on the services you want to provide and whether or not your group will be a charity.